1 Bracelet = 1 Month Of Clean Water

water with a heart above it, showing how water is good

Clair Ashley is partnering with Water For Good! 

Each Clair Ashley bracelet purchase provides 1 month of clean water to a person in need in Central African Republic.

Can you imagine a world with no clean drinking water?  You walk miles each day, only to carry gallons of dirty water back to your family, which, without a doubt, will make them sick.  This is water poverty, and the harsh reality of those living in Central African Republic.  

For many communities in the Central African Republic, water is within their reach.  Drilling provides access to that clean water beneath the ground. 

The community's water pump is used a lot!  When parts fail, there has to be established maintenance services to repair and ensure that water continues pumping to the community.

Water For Good is a non profit organization that is committed to drilling, maintaining and scaling their operations to provide water for every single person in Central African Republic.  They achieve these goals by working through local people and building sustainability. 

Check out @waterforgood for more information.